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The morning drop-off process looks a little different these days: you’re juggling thermometers, clipboards, pens, and occasionally chasing a class list across the parking lot. We’re here to streamline the temperature-taking process so that you can get back to your day.


Personalized QR Code

You'll upload your class lists in CSV format to our secure database (it's simple - we'll help!). Our system will generate a unique badge for each student with their name and a personal QR code. We'll overnight them to you and you'll pass them out to the students; they can clip the badges onto their backpacks or hang them around their neck. The badges can also be downloaded to mobile devices for easy access. They'll need to be able to present their badge throughout the day each time their temperature is taken.


Simple Scans

When parents drop off their child, they will present their personalized badge. Staff will check the student's temperature, use their mobile device to scan the QR code on the student's badge, and enter the thermometer reading into our secure mobile site. After clicking "save," on to the next one! You can enter as many temperatures per day as you'd like. Recheck after lunch? No worries!

Each day after the morning drop-off process, ClassTemp will automatically generate a report of temperatures and email it to office staff for their records.


24/7 Access

School staff and parents have 24/7 access to ClassTemp. Log in at any time to review your child's temperature log and view annonymized temperature data of your child's classmates. Using data from class schedules, we'll keep track of who is where at what times so that we know which students and staff have contact with each other throughout the day.

In the instance that your school experiences a COVID-positive test, we'll determine who is at high, medium, and low risk of community spread based on who they've had contact with during the school day.

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